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Stuart/Sam Hughes

Guards Regiment Tribute Bike


Nigel was in a Guards Regiment and wanted a tribute to the regiment, with a painting from the Crimean War on either side of the petrol tank, a soldier from the period painted on top of the tank, the George Cross and the Victoria Cross and the names of Regiment soldiers who had won the medals on the side panels and images and poems on the mudguards.

So far the bike has won at

All Arms Veterans MCC (AAVMCC) = Best in Show

MEDUSA MCC Show us your Ride = Best Paint

TSUNAMI RIDERS MCC 2nd WAve Custom Show=Best Paint

RENEGADE MC Redskin Rally=Best Paint and Best in Show.

Medway MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) custom bike show 2010=Best in Show

Kent Chrome & Cruisers=Best in Class

Drink, Drop and Doss(DDD)Rejects Brotherhood= Best Paint


Here are photos of the finished bike, taken by Stadford Photographic

These images show the progress painting one side of the petrol tank

These images show the progress painting the soldier on top of the petrol tank

This is how the side panels look before lettering is put on them

Front Mudguard befoe the lettering was added

Rear Mudguard before lettering was added

Finished Lettering on rear mudguard

Finished Side Panel 1 with lettering added

Finished Side Panel 2 with lettering added

Front Mudguard with lettering added

Designs done in Photoshop to show how rear of front mudguard would look

Designs done in Photoshop to show how rear of rear mudguard would look (complete with spelling mistake!)


Revised Photoshop design for rear mudguard

Alterations to the side of petrol tank as in the reversed image, the plumes on the hats would be on the other side of the hat

Finished paintings of mudguards with lettering (and no spelling mistake!)